NCAA Information

The NCAA information page provides our Winston Churchill High School student-athletes links to information needed to participate in NCAA athletics. All the links are provided in the right hand column of this page.

MPSSAA Recruitment Information

     In today’s climate in interscholastic athletics, there is undeniable pressure that the recruiting process can create for not only parents and student-athletes, but for coaches, guidance counselors, and athletic administrators.  With the increase in interest of moving on to play college sports after high school, recruiting services have evolved and become more common place. While some of these services provide useful information, the overwhelming vast majority of them are looking to capitalize financially on the possible promise of a student-athlete receiving an athletic scholarship.

     This is one of many reasons the MPSSAA is proud to provide an NIAAA-endorsed non-profit webinar solution to educate and inform student-athletes, parents, coaches, guidance counselors, and athletic administrators in each of our member public high schools about the college eligibility and recruiting process.
     The MPSSAA recruiting webinar for Student-Athletes and their parents addresses the following topics in addition to other important topics concerning academic eligibility, recruiting, and social responsibility:
  • Three rules of being a parent
  • Scholarship myths and facts
  • NAIA and JUCO education
  • Scholarships – How they differ
  • The Name Game
  • Negotiate/Cooperative Education
  • Dangers of social networking/cell phones/Saving for College
  • Protecting your Amateurism
  • National Letter of Intent
  • NCAA/NAIA  Eligibility Centers
  • Recruiting Services
  • NCAA core course requirements
     There is also a no cost in-service recruiting webinar for Coaches/Counselors/Athletic Administrators offered by our program partner to assist coaches/AD/counselors with their continuing education on NCAA/NAIA eligibility and recruiting matters.  Feel free to recommend these no-cost webinars to anyone with a vested interest in the future of our high school student-athletes so that we all do the best job possible serving our athletic community.

MPSSAA Webinars

NCAA Eligibility Center

The NCAA Eligibility Center certifies whether prospective college athletes are eligible to play sports at NCAA Division I or II institutions. It does this by reviewing the student-athlete’s academic record, SAT® or ACT scores, and amateur status to ensure conformity with NCAA rules.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Don’t Get Stuck on the Bench

To play Division I sports, you need to qualify academically. To meet the minimum requirements for Division I student-athletes enrolling in college in August 2016 or later you must:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Complete 16 Core Courses, including 10 before your seventh semester
  • Earn a minimum 2.300 Grade-Point Average in core courses to compete in your first year of college
  • Earn a combined SAT or ACT score that matches your core-course GPA on the sliding scale.

Visit 2.3 or Take a Knee Website for more information.