Coaches Directory

Below are the email addresses for all of our Varsity & Junior Varsity Head Coaches. 

Athletic Director: Jesse Smith –

Fall Sports

Cheerleading(Varsity): Shelia Saunders: &                                                                                                              Bryanna Simpson:
Cheerleading (JV): Rachel 

Cross Country: Paul Jacobson:

Field Hockey (Varsity): Cay Miller –
Field Hockey (JV): Shelby Amspacher –

Football (Varsity): Joe 
Football (JV): Gene Ho –

Golf: Robert Tarzy –

Poms: Tiffany Carmi –

Boys Soccer (Varsity): Arnold Tarzy –
Boys Soccer (JV):Julian Sisman –

Girls Soccer (Varsity): Haroot Hakopian –
Girls Soccer (JV): Monica Tarzy –

Girls Volleyball (Varsity): Cindy Hillard –
Girls Volleyball (JV): JJ Rathnam –

Team Handball: Evan Rosenthal –


Winter Sports

Boys Basketball (Varsity): Dave Blumenthal –
Boys Basketball (JV): Kavon Bellinger –

Girls Basketball (Varsity): Kate Blanken –
Girls Basketball (JV): Andrew Sonnabend

Wrestling (Varsity): Tim Lowe –
Wrestling (JV):

Swimming &

Indoor Track & Field: Scott Silverstein –

Bocce: Chris Forney –


Spring Sports

Allied Softball: Chris Forney –

Baseball (Varsity): Pat Skellchock –
Baseball (JV): Pete Spiropoulos –

Boys Tennis: Peter Goodman –
Girls Tennis: Benjamin Woods –

Boys Volleyball: JJ Rathnam –
Coed Volleyball: Michael Endler –

Boys Lacrosse (Varsity): Jeff Fritz –
Boys Lacrosse (JV): Bruno Tejo –

Girls Lacrosse (Varsity): Tara Nicholas –
Girls Lacrosse (JV): VACANT

Softball (Varsity): Andrew Sonnabend
Softball (JV): Catherine Trouteaud

Track & Field: Scott Silverstein –