Junior Varsity Softball, Varsity Softball · Softball Tryout Information

Tryouts for the Churchill Softball Program will begin on Saturday, April 17. The time is still being worked out and will be updated soon.

The following criteria is the minimum necessary to be considered for a spot on the teams:

  • Catches a thrown ball with 90% accuracy
  • Throws to a stationary target with 80% accuracy
  • Catches pop fly with 70% accuracy
  • Correctly holds and swings a bat
  • Fields/attempts to field with glove in proper position 95% of the time
  • Is ready for practice on time, with all gear, 100% of the time (or has let coaches know in advance about extenuating circumstances preventing on-time arrival)
  • Is progressing toward proper sliding technique and attempts to slide on close plays by Opening Day
  • Has registered for tryouts via the Portal and submitted necessary paperwork by April 15, 2021. (Registration information can be found here)

We also have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards:

  • Discriminatory speech and/or actions
  • Bullying/hazing activities and/or speech
  • Failure to follow school/county/state mandated safety protocols or a coach’s directions when those directions are directly related to athlete safety and wellbeing.

If you have any questions, please email Coach Sonnabend (andrew_sonnabend@mcpsmd.org)

Go Dawgs!