Multiple Teams · Teams Support KINDH During the Holidays

I want to share with you how proud I am of our Athletics Teams during this holiday season. Many of our teams helped support KINDH (Kids In Need During The Holidays) in Montgomery County through the adoption of a family in need. During this time, our communities are in desperate need of support with so many jobs lost or families struggling. KINDH supports these families by providing them a good holiday for their children. 

Our department and the teams were part of this as we adopted 15 families and the we shopped for gifts for these families while also donating gift cards to local grocery stores. The teams went above and beyond what was asked of them as they donated many wonderful gifts and extra money towards these families. We even had one team raise extra money to purchase food to donate to the Manna Food Center.  Thank you so much to our Bulldog parents Scott & Tamara Greenspan for bringing this wonderful charity to our Athletics program so that our teams could be supportive of our community. The Greenspan’s are amazing with all that they do to support this charity as it is a huge undertaking for them. Thank you so much to all of our teams and the families that supported this! Everyday I am so thankful to be part of this amazing community because of how wonderful our students & families are! Happy Holidays to everyone! 


Examples of some of the items bought by our teams.


Thank you to MCPD for helping to deliver all of these presents to the families!

All the gifts gathered by the Greenspan’s to deliver.