Multiple Teams · 2020-2021 SALC Representatives Chosen

The Student Athletics Leadership Council was put together last year in order to give the student athletes in Montgomery County a voice in our counties athletic programs. After one year, the program has become a huge success and only looks to grow and help our student athletes have an even more enjoyable and equitable experience. Last year, Claire Quigley & Rocco Tranquill represented Winston Churchill High School. With both graduating, two student athletes were chosen to replace them on the council. Congratulations to Claire Kim & Eliott Dubick on being chosen to represent our entire athletic department.

Claire Kim a raising Senior is a two sport athlete who plays Varsity Field Hockey & Varsity Lacrosse. Claire wrote the following when asked why she wanted to be part of the council.

“It is important to me to become a better leader in order to accomplish long term successes. A long-term success looks different for everyone, but for me it is one that creates a positive impact in the community. For example, while being on two varsity teams since freshman year, I have noticed that a lenient leader that tolerates negative team talk does not generate the desired goals set by the team. It can bring a team down. As a leader, it is important for me to set the tone for the team and I have learned that my actions, my demeanor, and my body language says more for than words alone. However, I would like to become better at leading with encouraging words for those around me to better themselves, and learn to be more positive and kind. Learning leadership skills will help allow me to unite people from different backgrounds for triumph, while also enabling them to grow as individuals. As the number of advancing individuals grows, the better off our society will be. A stronger community stems from a capable leader, a type of leader I would like to emulate. ”

Claire comes highly recommended by her coaches and is a strong leader who is not afraid to stand up for her convictions.


Eliot Dubick is a rising Junior, who played Golf & Boys Lacrosse. Eliot wrote the following when asked why he wanted to be part of the council.

“Learning to be a better leader is so Important to me because it can help me for the rest of my life, whether it’s in the classroom, on another sports team, my feature employment or with my family. A leader is someone who is very important and often makes very important decisions, learning ways to make these decisions or just to be a better leader is something I am very willing to do and I find important. ”

Just like Claire, Eliot was highly recommended by his coaches as he is a fiery leader with tons of heart.

I look forward to these two student athletes representing our athletic program and all the athletes in it while also helping SALC to continue to grow and impact all student athletes.