Bulldogs News · Goodbye Dr. Benz!

On Friday, June 29th Dr. Benz said her final farewell to a school that has been her home for the last 21 years. During that time Dr. Benz has watched thousands of young men and women walk across the graduation stages with a diploma from one of Maryland’s finest public high schools. She has guided the Potomac school to top 100 national ranking on numerous occasions, to top state rankings on numerous occasions, and earned countless awards of excellence for the school and its students performances. She has built lasting relationships and memories with countless families, students, and staff members during her time walking our hallways. Dr. Benz for the last 21 years has been Winston Churchill High School and as of June 30th, she will move on to another chapter in her amazing life while leaving behind an impression on a school and its community that will last a lifetime. We are all better people for having known, interacted, and befriended this amazing woman and we all owe her a huge amount of gratitude. Thank you Dr. Benz for all that you have been for us and all that you will continue to be for us. You will always be in our ears and our hearts, guiding us to our next great successes.