Coed Varsity Track · Spring Outdoor Track & Field Guidelines





Head coach:   Scott Silverstein 301-452-7243 (cell);

Assistants:      Paul Jacobson 301-642-2718 (cell);

                        Aaron Gadson

                        Wayne See


In addition to the rules to which you have agreed by signing the Student/Parent Permission Contract, please be aware of the following team standards:


  1. Team standards
  2. The use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco or hazing of any kind will result in your immediate dismissal from the team.
  3. Maintain academic standing and scholastic eligibility according to MCPS policies.
  4. Display behavior that will add to the good name of Winston Churchill High School, the athletic department and the indoor track team.
  5. Attend all practices and meets unless ill.
  6. Maintain good community and school relationships.
  7. Comply with all school rules and policies.
  8. Display good sportsmanship at all times.


Failure to comply with the guidelines could result in suspension or dismissal from the team.


  1. Practices

All forms must be completed electronically at by Feb. 27 except for the physical, which will be collected at a meeting at the track Feb. 26. You will not be allowed to try out unless all forms are turned in on those dates. No exceptions.


All practices are mandatory unless otherwise stated. If you are in school, you are expected to be at practice. If you are hurt, you are expected at practice unless the coaches tell you otherwise. If you are sick and do not come to school, you must send Scott Silverstein an email that day and bring a note from your parents when you return to practice. When we take attendance, we should have no question where you are. Doctor’s appointments must be scheduled after 4 p.m., and another school activity (unless you are being graded) is not a reason to miss practice.


Missing a practice and/or meet for an unacceptable reason likely will cause your dismissal from the team. If you are taking the SAT/ACT or have a bar/bat mitzvah or wedding to attend on a meet day, you must inform us within the first two weeks of practice by a handwritten note from your parents. Otherwise, we expect you to be at every meet to which you are invited.


Beginning Thursday, March 1, 2018, we will practice at 2:45 p.m. each weekday and in the morning (probably 10 a.m.) on Saturday. Practices will last between 90 minutes and two hours and will have optional weightlifting sessions afterward. There will be no practice on Sundays, Passover and the period from Good Friday through Easter Monday.

  • Meets

Buses will be used for every meet during the week. For meets within the county on weekends, we likely will carpool instead.


Whenever possible, every team member will compete in the meets.  The exceptions are:

  1. The meet or selection of athletes is limited to qualifying or entry standards.
  2. You miss a practice preceding the meet.


  1. Tryouts

The team will be limited to about 100 athletes. As a result, if we have spoken to you in the past about poor attendance, you will be allowed to try out, but you probably will not make the team. Tryouts begin the first day of practice and culminate in a series of time trials March 3 and 5. There are no automatic team qualifying marks. We will limit the number of sprinters significantly, but those of you who do not make the team as a sprinter will be allowed to try out for middle distance and distance.



  1. Varsity letter determination

Varsity letters will be awarded to those athletes who meet the team standard for an event (see below). Team standards do not include relay splits.






100 m 13.7 11.7
100/110 m hurdles 18.1 17.5
200 m 28.3 24.3
300 m hurdles 52.5 44.5
400 m 65.0 55.0
800 m 2:35.0 2:09.0
1600 m 5:58.0 4:58.0
3200 m 12:58.0 10:58.0
High jump 4-8 5-8
Long jump 15-0 18-0
Triple jump 29-6 38-0
Shot put 26-0 37-0
Discus 75-0 95-0
Pole vault 6-0 8-0